Change, change, change…

Change, change, change…

It is 1:14 AM and I am sitting in bed, with a glass of wine and my laptop. I haven’t write at all this year, although I have spend a lot of time reading which is just as good, but perhaps I should do both. Anyway I was just thinking that I needed to work on my page so I here I am deleting old posts and I though I should add a new one.


So, to make honor to the title, things have changed a lot. August 2015 I packed a few things and left my small town in Oklahoma and moved to Las Vegas. Wow, that was a change. Let me give you a small tip if you ever plan to move here, you need a license to get a license, and just about every job you want requires a new license. Anyway, the experience has been great, I have several licenses now, none of them I use but I have them in case I need them I guess. On the other hand the whole idea was to move here and teach, well that didn’t worked out as I planned, not that I lost my interest in teaching, but I did found something that I like better. Overall it has been a good positive change in my life, I have made a few good friends and I get to meet people from all over the world, which is great.


Talking about my writing, well I have so many ideas now, is like I am surrounded by stories that I keep writing in a little notebook and you will soon see a few of them in this page. I am not sure if it is that I get more inspiration now or maybe just that I see different people all the time and they all give me a different idea for a story.


My goal for the rest of the year, to write here at least once a week, lets see if I can do it. Maybe I’ll just write some short stories and post them here. I think is time to go, I just came up with a new idea and I should write it before it gets lost with the others.

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