Change, change, change…

Change, change, change…

It is 1:14 AM and I am sitting in bed, with a glass of wine and my laptop. I haven’t write at all this year, although I have spend a lot of time reading which is just as good, but perhaps I should do both. Anyway I was just thinking that I needed to work on my page so I here I am deleting old posts and I though I should add a new one.


So, to make honor to the title, things have changed a lot. August 2015 I packed a few things and left my small town in Oklahoma and moved to Las Vegas. Wow, that was a change. Let me give you a small tip if you ever plan to move here, you need a license to get a license, and just about every job you want requires a new license. Anyway, the experience has been great, I have several licenses now, none of them I use but I have them in case I need them I guess. On the other hand the whole idea was to move here and teach, well that didn’t worked out as I planned, not that I lost my interest in teaching, but I did found something that I like better. Overall it has been a good positive change in my life, I have made a few good friends and I get to meet people from all over the world, which is great.


Talking about my writing, well I have so many ideas now, is like I am surrounded by stories that I keep writing in a little notebook and you will soon see a few of them in this page. I am not sure if it is that I get more inspiration now or maybe just that I see different people all the time and they all give me a different idea for a story.


My goal for the rest of the year, to write here at least once a week, lets see if I can do it. Maybe I’ll just write some short stories and post them here. I think is time to go, I just came up with a new idea and I should write it before it gets lost with the others.

Neil Gaiman and writers block

About a month ago I had the opportunity to see Neil Gaiman on his first visit to Oklahoma. I found out about his visit by accident or intervention from a higher intervention, I woke up one day at like 3 am or so and I couldn’t go back to sleep so I grab my phone open facebook and there it was, Neil Gaiman announcing a visit to Oklahoma and providing the link to order tickets. The tickets open the next day and space was limited so I made sure to set up an alarm to order them, then I went back to sleep without a problem.

To me a big fan of Neil’s work, this was like the most important, bet thing that would ever happen in Oklahoma, and the idea of driving over four hours to see him was well worth it. With me I took a good friend of mine, who is not a reader, at all. I know this is weird why would I even be friends with someone who doesn’t read, but then again in this area is hard to find someone that reads. Anyhow he was obviously not as excited as I was as he had no idea who Neil Gaiman is and has never been in contact with his work.

During this conference I noticed one thing, while it was at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and it was expected to see students, there was also older people, some of them older than my parents. We were all excited to see him and the conference was well worth it.

He read a couple of stories, talked about his writing and how writers come up with ideas, he talked about how our career is based in lies and sometimes we can do it so good that other will believe our stories. He mention something that I have never thought about, writers block, he refer to it as the biggest lie. We say we have writers block when we are not inspired, when we don’t know what to write about, the truth is that writers block doesn’t exist, we use it because if we say I have no inspiration, or I am out of ideas, then we can get all kinds of crap about it, yet writers block is like divine intervention, we can’t help it if we have writers block. I have thought about it a lot, and when I can’t come up with something to write I think about it even more, and so here it is, I had no idea what to write about, so I decided to tell you how I realized that the thruth is I was out of ideas, I din’t had writers block.

By the way if you are not familoiar with Neil Gaiman’s work, do your self a favor and look him up and if you ever get an opportunity to see him go for it, you will not regret it.